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Sell Your Aircraft


Neuse Aviation is a full service brokerage company that markets general aviation aircraft. We are based in Smithfield, North Carolina at JNX.  We also offer an appraisal service if you wish to know the current value of your aircraft.  We can market your aircraft as well as handle all demos for prospective buyers. We will pre-qualify buyers to save you time and expense.

    A Neuse Aviation representative will visit your location to appraise and list your aircraft at no additional expense.  We only list aircraft we physically inspect and appraise. This will insure you get the best price for the aircraft.  We will handle the entire sales process from listing, to pre-buy, to closing. We also offer finance options to buyers.

    Neuse Aviation can hangar your aircraft at our location or, if you wish, you can keep the aircraft at your home base and continue to use the aircraft until it is sold.  We have over thirty years of aviation experience in buying and selling aircraft.  Neuse Aviation can also help you locate specific make or model aircraft if not in our current inventory.

    Please call us to assist you in marketing your aircraft today.

Call John H. Bullock Jr. at 919 965-1212

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